PowerSOARINGTM One Day Intensive Seminar

How High? How Fast?

You Started With Your Inner Circle

Your first customers were your neighbors, your family, your friends. But they already bought.

How Much Should You Spend on Promoting Your Business?You have a lot of Facebook “likes,” but too few sales; a few dozen Twitter followers, but too few customers.

You’re discovering the scariest part of entrepreneurship: recognizing that you need to advertise, but having no idea how much to spend inviting new prospects to come do business with you.

Sink, or Crash

Spend too little and no one is persuaded. Your cash slowly dribbles out as your company sinks into indifference and obscurity, leaving no mark, quickly forgotten.

But spend too much and you burn through all of your operating cash in a glorious imploding fireball, leaving a crater where your company used to be. Briefly noted. Still quickly forgotten.

But, when you find that very narrow sweet spot in which every dollar you invest in new customer acquisition flies off into the world, and returns with several of his friends, you have one of the most powerful tools available to small business.


It can turn small companies into big companies The key is learning which of the five primary local marketing strategies applies to your unique circumstances, and applying the exact marketing spend to keep you flying higher and higher. How high you soar, how fast you get there is completely within your control.

You’ll learn to maximize the return on your marketing investment whether your company manufactures, wholesales, retails, or provides services. Best of all, by creating this plan you’ll acquire a transferable skill which will help keep you in the black for the rest of your entrepreneurial life.

PowerSOARINGTM poises you for the kind of sustainable growth that every owner dreams of, but shockingly few achieve. It helps every dollar to provide maximum impact. Can you afford anything less?

You Will Learn:

    • The two largely ignored factors which will leverage your marketing investment, and predict whether you’ll have greater success with traditional mass media, direct response, or face-to-face direct sales. Some workshop attendees are astonished to learn they shouldn’t be spending any money on advertising.


    • Which of the five local marketing strategies best applies to your firm, and how that choice will affect the timing of every advertising expenditure. This isn’t taught at most business schools, but it’s critical to successfully persuading prospects to consider buying from you.


    • Why your location must, must, must be considered part of your marketing budget. Is there such a thing as a location so perfect that no advertising is necessary? How can you know for sure?


    • What every duck hunter knows that many business owners don’t think applies to marketing. It’s so obvious you’ll never questions this decision again.


    • Why the single most important factor in planning any marketing budget isn’t even one of the common considerations. This realization will change the way you think about marketing for the rest of your career. (It can also increase the effectiveness of new customer acquisition by orders of magnitude.)


  • When you should seek the services of an advertising agency or marketing consultant. How to choose an advisor that understands and accepts your goals and marketing strategies, and most importantly, how to manage that relationship.


As An Added Bonus

Budgeting Tool Screen ShotPowerSOARINGTM participants will have a full year’s access to our online Budgeting Tool.

This tool automatically calculates the appropriate budget amount for each month of your marketing plan. (Some participants have told us access to the Budgeting Tool is worth the entire cost of this training.) You’ll leave with a plan of the caliber you would normally pay an agency thousands of dollars to create for you.

Seminar Price and Our No-Excuses Money-Back Guarantee

This all-day, plain English budgeting and financial planning business course is only $295. The price includes all course materials, access to the Budgeting Tool, and our no excuses money back guarantee: if by our lunch break you haven’t already learned enough to justify the modest cost of the PowerSOARINGTM intensive workshop, simply turn in your course materials and we’ll refund the cost of admission.

Sold Out

No Seats Remaining

The San Diego PowerSOARINGTM Seminar is sold out. Based on the enthusiasm we’ve seen for this material, we’re planning a follow up seminar in first quarter of 2015.

Click Here to stay informed. We’ll add you to our waiting list.


Seminar Presenter: Chuck McKay

Chuck McKay talkingChuck McKay, has spent the better part of three and a half decades helping owners of small businesses and professional practices find the most effective ways of acquiring new customers.

Chuck is the author of Fishing for Customers and Reeling Them In (now in its fifth printing) and The Net Effect – How to Pull in Netloads of New Retail Customers for FREE with Local Search Marketing. Along with 49 of America’s other top marketing experts contributed a chapter to Wylie and Sons Mastering the World of Marketing.

Chuck has owned and operated radio stations and a weekly newspaper, and has been featured in the Washington Post, Jewelers Circular Keystone, and HQ Magazine.

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