How Do Skeptical Business Owners Outlast the Averages?

A young radio salesperson told me of her frustration in getting business people to buy advertising.  “I know I can help them grow their businesses,” she said.  “How do I get them to let me try?”

That’s a tough one.  All the enthusiasm a young media representative can muster won’t convince a mature buyer to try a new idea.  Any business owner whose firm has survived longer than the 7 year small business average has learned to be skeptical.

The Main Reason for Buyer Skepticism

SalespersonIt doesn’t matter that the young salesperson has good intentions and acts ethically.  If she sells mass media, targeted media, online or social advertising, the company she works for has taught her selling, not marketing.

She’ll typically watch a series of training videos on writing proposals, overcoming objections, and closing techniques.

If you are in charge of a company you can also base your business in a different city by using a virtual office service for a city like Bristol and using that address for your business so that it looks like you are based there.

Then her new boss will hand her an account list and rate card, give her an enthusiastic pat on the back, and tell her to “go get ‘em, Tiger.”

I’ve Met Some Gems Among Advertising Salespeople

You probably have, too.  But like all gems, they’re rare.

You’ll recognize them when they say, “I’ve been studying what’s worked in other markets, and I’ve found something that you should see,” or perhaps, “Did you see the article in your trade publication about customer retention?  I brought you a copy.

You’ll also recognize the good reps as those who don’t fear asking, “What’s the result of the new campaign?  How are sales compared to last week?  Last month?  Last year?”   Sales reps who avoid the accountability discussion fear that any bad news will cause the advertiser to cancel their advertising.  Those focused on achieving results will want the bad news, too.

Oh, one more clue: the really good media reps don’t feel compelled to bash their competitors.  They can fearlessly and enthusiastically say, “Wasn’t that well done?  That’s one of the advantages they have for companies like yours.”

Tried That Already – the Second Reason for Skepticism

The experienced buyer of advertising has already tried most of the rookie’s “new ideas.”  Through trial and error experienced advertisers repeat advertising methods which tend to work, and avoid those which don’t.

But experience is an expensive way for anyone to refine their marketing.

Wouldn’t knowing with certainty which types of message delivery work best with each business category remove costly experiments and quickly get your advertising into black ink?

Wouldn’t a thorough understanding of how much to spend delivering your marketing messages shave years off that trial and error education?


I’m Chuck McKay.  I’ve condensed over three and a half decades of study, measurement, and applied theory into a replicable system called PowerSOARINGTM.  How high do you want to fly?  How fast do you want to get there?  It’s all under your control.

Your local sales rep doesn’t understand what you’ll learn in the PowerSOARINGTM One Day Intensive Marketing Seminar.  And that’s OK, because you will.

PowerSOARINGTM works with the Internet, with radio, with Cable, with broadcast TV.  The principles are effective whether you advertise in local newspaper, the local shopper, or direct mail.  PowerSOARINGTM techniques are firmly rooted in the science of customer acquisition, and don’t vary by medium.

Here’s a Typical Question

If you double your ad budget, will you get twice as many customers?

Once you understand the fundamentals of PowerSOARINGTM the answer is simple. Customers come from only three sources.  They are: location, referral, and advertising.count to three (1)

  1. Location may be physical, or it may be easily found on the Internet. You can (with major investment) relocate, but it won’t be quick or easily accomplished.
  2. Referrals happen when you’ve treated existing customers well. This is also totally within your control, but it takes a huge amount of time to change what people say about your company.
  3. Advertising that you do today can draw new customers immediately.

But advertising can’t change your location.  It doesn’t directly create referrals.  It can only effect advertising-driven sales.

Let Me Give You an Example

A business in a great location might simply put up a sign which says, “open for business.”  People drive by and see the sign.  Some pull in.  Some of those buy, and tell their friends what they just bought.

But a business in a poor location has to compete for shoppers’ attention, then say something so compelling that shoppers will turn the car and drive to that poor location.

The first business may only get 10 percent of their customers from advertising.  Will spending another 10 percent double their sales?  Nope.  That’s pretty obvious, isn’t it?

The second business gets only 30 percent of its customers from location and referrals, and 70 percent from advertising.  Can doubling the ad budget double this company’s customer count?  Still not likely*, (see footnote) but it will certainly have a greater effect because of the greater proportion of this firm’s advertising-driven sales.

Told you this stuff was simple.  (But it still amazes me how few advertising professionals ever think this through.)

As long as you’re in business there will be great deals in every market, every season, and every medium.  This information, preparing you to act with certainty, will change your career.  It will forever affect the way you promote your company and attract new customers.

But It Won’t Take Years to Learn

In the PowerSOARINGTM One Day Intensive Marketing Seminar you’ll learn how to tell those offers which will actually draw new customers from those which will only deplete your wallet.  You’ll also learn exactly how much to spend (and how often) on the kind of message vehicle most likely to produce great results.

PowerSOARINGTM poises you for the sustainable growth every owner dreams of, but few achieve.  It helps every marketing dollar to provide maximum impact.  Can you afford anything less?

Seminar Price and No-Excuses Money-Back Guarantee

This all-day, plain English budgeting and financial planning business course will be held on Thursday, November 13 in Hera Hub’s beautifully equipped conference room at 9710 Scranton Road, Suite 160, in San Diego, CA.  Reserve your place, now, for only $295.

The price includes all course materials, a full year’s access to the Fishing for Customers Budgeting Tool, and our no excuses money back guarantee.  If by the lunch break you haven’t already learned enough to justify the modest cost of the seminar, simply turn in your course materials and we’ll refund the cost of admission.

Shall we get started?

How high do you want to fly?



* Footnote: two reasons that I said “probably” not.  The first is the length of a purchase cycle for what you sell.  (3 to 4 years for a new car.  8 years for a new mattress.  1 or 2 days for dining out.)  Longer purchase cycles take longer for advertising to affect sales.

But we covered the second, and more important reason, last time.  The farther shoppers are from your business location the more expensive it becomes to persuade them to come shop with you.   Each additional shopper costs fractionally more than the previous one.  Yes, additional advertising can pay off handsomely, but it will never be in the same proportion as the increase in ad spend.

Bonus Footnote: want to watch the average media rep squirm?  Ask the “If I double my budget” question, then hush and wait for an answer.
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