Bait Shop

165 pages, soft cover

The One Year Business Turnaround

Mike Dandridge, a pioneer in the field of Customer Experience Management, reveals fifty-two tested techniques that he used to grow a small town electrical supply company to $1,000,000 PER MONTH in sales, while challenged by Lowes on one side, and Home Depot on the other.

Apply one technique per week for phenomenal collective changes.

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256 pages, soft cover

Strategy Daddy

Strategy Daddy is a collection of proven maketing strategies, tactics, and case studies that will help to drive traffic and sales to your door.

Mike Keesee and Ankesh Kothari show the “how,,” the “why, ” and provide real world examples.

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Fishing for Customers

106 pages, soft cover

Fishing for Customers and Reeling them In.

By applying common sense “fishing” rules, Chuck McKay claims that you already know half of what you need to successfully market your business – and you can easily learn the other half with the help of this book.

Fishing For Customers And Reeling Them In is an easy to follow, step-by-step guide that will help you succeed at marketing your business even if you’ve never written an ad before.

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