Who Am I?

I’m a former cowboy, former blues musician, and former disc jockey. In the late 80s bought, operated, and sold at substantial profit radio stations (and one newspaper) spread across the U.S. from California to Texas to South Carolina.

Managed clusters of stations for the biggest radio companies in the world, but didn’t like the very real conflict of interest. I wanted to help advertisers. The companies I worked for wanted me to sell advertising. Sometimes those goals overlapped. Many times they were in conflict.

Now, as a partner in the Wizard of Ads® international marketing organization, I only work for local businesses. 100% of my focus is on helping my clients grow their top line sales.

Enough about me.

Shall we direct our attention to creating serious additional top line sales for your company? That’s the purpose of this website.

Do It Yourself For Free

Let me share with you hundreds of free “how to” articles, all designed to get people to buy more of what you sell.

Glad to help.

But if you find any of the concepts confusing, (or too tedious), or you don’t have the time, or if you simply don’t want to take these steps yourself, that’s no problem, either.

Chuck McKay

I Can Do It for You

If you’re really good at what you do, you may be too busy growing your company to take on additional marketing responsibilities. Assign them to me and free up your time. My number is 317-207-0028.

But, I only work with owner-operated businesses and professional practices who are exceptionally capable, and who are prepared for huge growth. 

Truthfully, most of my clients would eventually succeed without my help. I make them much more successful, much faster.

How much increase in your top line can you handle?

Chuck McKay
Your Fishing for Customers guide

PS. I’ll happily consider one-off projects, too. Especially if they’re interesting.