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The Personality Prescription for Contractors

On the surface there is nothing unique about any plumbing service, or HVAC contractor, or for that matter, roofing company. Every plumber repairs leaks and unplugs drains. Every HVAC contractor replaces coolant and compressors. Every roofer replaces shingles or tiles. Customers assume they’re interchangable because they all tend to look and sound like each other.

The Personality Prescription explains how to build a powerful ad campaign around the personality and core values of the owner. Hundreds of local businesses have doubled, tripled, or even 10x’d their top line revenues by applying the principles of The Personality Prescription. It’s the only asset that competitors can not duplicate. $18.95



The Referred Customer – Get More in Your Store through Story-Driven Word of Mouth

Chuck McKay and Jeff Sexton have created a different kind of word of mouth system to help friends, casual acquaintances, and sometimes even total strangers provide recommendations at the exact time they’re needed.

Chuck and Jeff call their system Just in Time Storytelling. Stories are persuasive. Stories are easily remembered. And the more stories which show your company as the obvious choice, the more referrals you’ll receive. It’s literally that simple.

The directions in this book will make it easy for you to implement a Just in Time Storytelling system for your own business. $16.95



Fishing for Customers and Reeling Them In

By applying common sense “fishing” rules, you already know half of what you need to successfully market your business. And with this book you can successfully learn the other half.

Fishing for Customers and Reeling them In is an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide that will help you succeed at marketing your business even if you’ve never written an ad before. $17.95




Mastering the World of Marketing

Mastering the World of Marketing reveals how 50 of the top marketers working today generate leads, create brand recognition, and capture new customers.

Chuck’s thoughts on Word of Mouth begin in Chapter 27. $19.95

Sadly, this book is out of print. There are some used copies still being traded on This link will take you directly to them:



Stuffing the Golden Goose

For many of us, our companies are our retirement plans. So the critical question becomes will my company support me in retirment?

It’s a two-step process.

First, you decide when you wish to retire.

This step-by-step guide complete with worksheets will help anyone calculate exactly how much they need to grow their firm in however many years they have before retiring. FREE DOWNLOAD



Which of These 7 Costly Mistakes is Killing Your Word of Mouth

Your professional reputation is largely a product of word of mouth. These common mistakes will do serious damage to that reputation. But recognizing, and avoiding them will do wonders to help you be highly thought of in your profession and in your community. FREE DOWNLOAD