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We have speakers for most events, especially if you find business (and life) topics as interesting as we do.

Whether you need a Keynote, a breakout, or simply someone who understands how to be in and out in precisely 18 minutes for your civic organization meeting, the Fishing for Customers speakers are professionals who will hold your audience, and deliver a memorable performance.

Our speakers are listed geographically, but have been known to travel half way around the world for a receptive audience. Contact them directly to discuss the specifics of your event, and their availability.



Marketing consultant Jeff Sexton

Jeff Sexton

A former high school teacher, Jeff Sexton knows how to make a point, drive it home, and have you prepared for the test, on Tuesday.

Jeff asks, “Can you imagine a world with no hypothetical situations?”


Marketing consultant Chuck McKay

Chuck McKay.

Author, speaker, and former disc jockey, Chuck McKay understands how to keep your audience entertained, and fascinated.

To make his points, Chuck uses fishing props. He’s only hooked himself onstage, twice.




Marketing consultant Tom Wanek

Tom Wanek

Tom Wanek studied animals in the wild, in order to understand how (and why) they promote their individuality to predators, to prey, and to their own species.

Tom says he no longer tries to imitate an antelope on stage, though he does have photos.


Marketing consultant Clay Campbell

Clay Campbell

Clay Campbell and his Telecaster spent the 70s fronting a touring band. He’s a natural showman and entertainer.

Clay never breaks into “Long Gone Lonesome Blues” during a speaking performance… unless you insist.


Marketing consultant Walter Koschnitzke

Walt Koschnitzke

Some speakers are said to “be magic” on stage. Walter Koschnitzke PERFORMS magic onstage. Its how he makes his talks unforgettable.

Walt says he’s got the “cut members of the audience in half” trick down, except for the last part when they walk back to their seats.


Marketing consultant Tim Miles

Tim Miles

Tim talks with his hands. A lot. And he makes up words. But the passion and clarity of Tim’s thought has made him a top draw from Denver to London.

Tim Miles regularly speaks to conferences, colleges, and companies about what makes people do the things they do.




Marketing consultant Mike Dandridge

Mike Dandridge

Mike Dandridge is the only person we know who can get grown men to play with Mr. Potato Head. That, and chocolate chip cookies are strategies he’s used to make retail stores thrive.

Mike is the only speaker we know of with a convection oven on stage. (It’s those cookies. He’s really committed).


Jean Carpenter Backus

Jean Carpenter Backus

As The Naked Accountant, Jean Carpenter Backus has become an exceptionally popular author, speaker, and radio interviewee.

Of course, part of Jean’s popularity is because she talks about money, and how to keep more of it. She appears onstage fully clothed.


Charlie Moger

Charlie Moger

Charlie Moger is one of those rare speakers who understands performers AND salespeople, and communicates with both.

Most people look at the world and ask, “Why?” Charlie looks at the world and says, “I wonder what I could sell THAT for?”


Adam Donmoyer

Adam Donmoyer

Adam Donmoyer presents himself as a musician, but its his verbal skills which keep drawing attention.

When Adam mentions his “Naughty Bits,” its just the name of his band.




Dave Young

Dave Young

Dave’s friendly, but low-key, presentation is deliberate. It lets his deep knowledge of his topics sneak up on his audience. Typical reactions include, “Wow. I had no idea this was so simple.”

Dave Young claims to be a Nebraska Admiral, which is confusing, since Nebraska is a land locked state.




Steve Sorenson

Steve Sorenson

Steve Sorenson built a multi-million dollar company, lost that company, and built another. He can explain exactly what makes businesses work, and not work.

Steve is learning to play guitar. It might be best to pretend not to notice.




Jane Fraser

Jane Fraser

Jane Fraser
is a nationally ranked horse trainer, and equally respected as a sales trainer. She speaks about training customers to do business with you.

I need a funny about Jane to go right here.


Steve Rae

Steve Rae

A reformed folk singer, Steve Rae is one of the top speakers in Canada… or anywhere else, for that matter.

Steve misses the coffee houses of the 60s.




Marketing consultant Mike Keesee

Mike Keesee

Author, speaker, and marketing strategist, Mike Keesee is one of those naturally likable people who has something to say, and says it well.

Mike is an expatriated Texan living in Georgetown, Grand Cayman. Life would be perfect if someone would open a Whataburger.


Luis Lopez

Luis Lopez

Equally comfortable presenting in English or Spanish, Luis “Wicho” Lopez is a polished communicator.

Luis’ favorite TV show was Fantasy Island. “Accent? What accent?”




John Cassidy-Rice

John Cassidy-Rice

John Cassidy-Rice
literally wrote the book on delivering a great presentation.

John is the only speaker we know who hums John Phillips Sousa marches onstage.




Craig Arthur

Craig Arthur

In his misspent youth Craig Arthur claims to have worked as a professional gambler. Today he stacks the odds by delivering a consistently impressive stage presentation. (Hey, you can BET on it).

It’s already tomorrow in Australia, but Craig refuses to tell us how the market will close today.