Jack was a poor boy who, since his father ran off with a search engine optimization specialist, only wanted to promote his family information business. Jack’s widowed mother sent him to market with their last remaining possession – an option on cattle futures. “Cash this in, Jack,” she instructed, “then we can buy another two million gross exposures for our infoproduct.

But along the way jack met a stranger who convinced him to trade his cow futures for a new software product called “Magic Beans.”

Its a brilliant product,” said the stranger. “Instead of paying for legitimate advertising, the Magic Beans product takes your sales letter, and cleverly replaces the verbs, then the adverbs, then the pronouns, and generates another sales letter that basically says the same thing. You embed the same keywords, link to your main site, and get fabulous search positioning.

Thrilled at the prospect of something for nothing, or, in this case, something in exchange for his last remaining asset, Jack made the deal, and proudly went home to show his mother.

Alas, his mother was less than thrilled. She stomped off into her room as Jack installed the Magic Beans program in his desktop.

And I, your faithful storyteller, was able to watch Jack at work. His output magically appeared on my laptop’s screen. Would you like to see how the Magic Beans did?

Here is part of the unedited output of the program:

According to United States today article, Advertisers Forced to Think Manner Outside the Box, engineering is giving sellers a tally for their money. From radio devices to iPods to digital picture recording equipments (DVRs), time-pressed consumers have got many more than picks and control over what they melody up in or tune out. Even though advertizers increased disbursement 10% to $140 billion last twelvemonth as reported by Tennessees Media Intelligence, that onslaught may just be turning all selling messages into a clump of agitation that ranges no one.

Jerry Dyas*, President of Trade Only Design Library, Inc., have been saying for old age that in today’s concern human race an enterpriser have to force the envelope with his selling message if he desires to stand up out from the competition. Dyas, a nationally recognized gross sales and selling strategian with an impressive history of drive grosses through “out-of-the-box” marketing schemes states people are hesitating to take chances.

“Most people look to see how others marketplace and make the same,” said Dyas. “Most selling is deadening and acquires mediocre consequences so you have got to be different. Being different volition pique some people but your occupation is not to do others happy.” Throughout Dyas’ career, his empirical observation is that if selling doesn’t stand up out, only poor consequences ensue.

But Dyas doesn’t intend to travel out of your manner to purposely antagonise people. So, what makes he intend by” pique people”? “Just make something that others wouldn’t do,” Dyas says.

Take Measurable Solutions, a Florida-based physical therapy consulting house for illustration – one that made the Entrepreneur Hot 100 List in 2005 as one of the fastest-growing newest concerns in the nation. Their selling message that helped them hit the big-time was Get New Patients Out the Wazoo! ‘Wazoo’ may have got offended a few people, but it was one of their most successful direct mail postal cards to date.

How do you feel about this company’s ability to deliver? Would you buy from them? Would anyone?

Remember the words of my dear, sweet, saintly old Grandmother Fanny McKay, who once said “If it sounds too good to be true, it’s probably another case of magic beans.”

Chuck McKay is a marketing consultant who focuses on professional practices and owner operated businesses. Questions about legitimate advertising strategies for small business may be directed to ChuckMcKay@ChuckMcKayOnLine.com.