Today I’m choosing to bring to your attention several recent notworthy accomplishments of Wizard of Ads® Partners.

Although this is current information, what follows is not news. News is (allegedly) impartial. I can’t be impartial about these people… I’m much to proud of them.

Bryan & Jeffrey Eisenberg

How much more profitable could your web site be if more visitors actually made a purchase? The first web marketers told us that a two percent “conversion ratio” was acceptable, probably because that two percent number has been thrown around the direct marketing camps for so many decades.

Then, along came Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg. They posed a simple question:

In direct response an unsolicited offer is sent to a large group of people. But when shoppers land on your web site, we can presume that they already are interested in what you have to offer. Why should you be satisfied with a two percent return among qualified prospects?

Their new book, Call To Action reveals the tested methods they’ve used to improve that conversion rate by multiple orders of magnitude for their Fortune 500 clients. Read what Web Marketing Today had to say about this book.

Call To Action is an overview of the principles and tactics of conversion rate marketing. Wizard Academy Press has a special pre-publication offer: purchase three copies of this 314 page hardcover book for only $13.95… and the publisher pays the shipping. At this price, ($4.65 each) you could buy one for yourself and give the other two as gifts. But be sure to order quickly. This is, remember, a pre-publication offer, and it’s only good until May 1.

Michelle Miller

The Wednesday, April 20 issue of Media Bulletin lists the most influential and best-read blogs in the country. And among the top three in marketing and advertising? Michelle Miller’s Wonder Branding.

It’s no surprise to anyone who knows Michelle that people pay close attention to what she has to say. She’s one of the world’s top authorities on marketing to women. Her study of the female brain, detailed in The Natural Advantages Of Women, explores and explains female traits like emotion, passion, intuition and nurturing. It’s available in audiobook format from Wizard Academy Press.

Juan Guillermo Tornoe

The Hispanic Marketing & Communications Association has just announced the addition of Juan Tornoe to their board of directors. The Association is a national not-for-profit professional association dedicated to Hispanic marketing excellence.

You can read more of his work at his Hispanic Trending blog, which features news and commentaries related to Hispanic Marketing in the US. If any part of your market speaks English as a second language, you probably should bookmark this site, and refer to it often.

Mike Dandridge

One of the most significant motivations for a customer to do business with you a second time, is the way you treated her the first time. At Wizard Academy we refer to this as the Personal Experience Factor. One of the newest Wizard of Ads® Partners, Mike Dandridge, knows how to create a PEF so amazing that it will make your business truly worth advertising.

Mike explains that the world inside your door is the place where you succeed or fail in meeting your customer’s expectations. His book, Thinking Outside the Bulb – The Art of Creating an Amazing Customer Experience is all about revolutionizing your business from the inside out. Read some of Mike’s specific recommendations at Business Turnaround.

Steve Clark

When you focus on determining your client’s needs, you may very well discover that what you sell isn’t the answer to the client’s problem. Steve Clark says the correct solution is to recommend someone who can help, even when that recommendation costs the sale.

Not your typical sales trainer, is he?

Steve’s New School Selling is helping sales professionals all over the country to achieve their goals with new skills and the ability to sell the customer the way the customer wants to be sold. He’s the author of Cultivating an Abundant Mentality. Watch his Online Video Introduction.

I hope you can see why I’m so proud to be associated with these people. I can, without hesitation, recommend every one of them.

There are currently 43 Wizard of Ads® Partners in Canada, Austraila, Sweden, England, and across the US. Each partner is a specialist in a different area of marketing. The individual partners’ expertise is pooled and made available to all Wizard of Ads® clients.

If you have an owner-operated business, consultation with a Wizard Partner can be one of the most valuable business tools available.

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