Ever heard that before? That an ad is so bad that it’s good?

Usually the person making the statement is someone who’s not responsible for creating, or paying for, advertising. (These are the same people who will also recite that the important thing is to “get your name out there.”)

Claiming an ad is so bad it’s good, generally means the ad is so obnoxious that it’s difficult to ignore.


Why try to make people remember the ad? Shouldn’t we be explaining that we can help them get what they’re looking for? If the presentation is so annoying or obnoxious that attention is drawn to the ad, it’s likely that people aren’t going to remember the rest of the message. They probably won’t remember your company, either.

Under these circumstances, that’s the best outcome you could hope for. The worst is that they’ll remember your company as the one that’s annoying and obnoxious.

So, what are the possibilites?

The good outcome is that you’ve wasted money on non-effective advertising.

The bad outcome is that you’ve managed to harm your company’s image.


As for “getting your name out there,” there are already too many names floating around various media sources while being ignored by the marketplace. The brutal truth is that none of us needs any more names cluttering up our minds. That’s why we ignore most of what we see and hear.

Unless your name becomes associated with the solution to a problem that your prospect is already aware she owns, there’s NO advantage in getting your name “out there” either.

Instead, tell your prospect what you can do for her. Tell her simply and honestly. Tell her exactly what she should do next. And concentrate on helping her remember that you’re here to help her get what she wants.