I was first exposed to Persuasion Architecture TM in a Wizard Academy class taught by Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg. From my hotel that evening I phoned my son, the retailer.

Think about it, Chad,” I said, “you identify the personalities of your customers, and then you anticipate what they’ll want to know, or to do, in order to do business with you.

“How much more money could you make if you could be planning ahead to give your customers exactly the shopping experience they want? What would happen to your word of mouth if they all left knowing with certainty that you understood them?

We brainstormed the possibilities for well over the next hour.

You, Dear Reader, now have the advantage.

You don’t have to travel all the way to Wizard Academy, near Austin, Texas on those rare occasions that the Eisenbergs have been available to teach that class. (Although if you ever get the chance, believe me, you won’t want to pass it up).

No, you can simply pick up a copy of their new book, Waiting For Your Cat To Bark: Persuading Customers When They Ignore Marketing, for only $19.99 (or $14.39 if you’re a member at BN.com; $12.99 at Amazon.com).

As Jeffrey says in his introduction, “We explain the principles and framework … for tying all the communications your company makes into a coherent persuasive system.”

He goes on to explain that chapters one through six explain how and why marketing has permanently changed. Why customers respond differently than they used to (chapters seven through thirteen). That chapters fourteen through twenty-two address anticipating what your customers require, and how Persuasion Architecture TM bridges the marketer / customer gap in chapters twenty-three through twenty eight. And finally, how you can start implementing Persuasion Architecture TM in your business.

Bryan Eisenberg and Jeffrey Eisenberg, with Lisa Davis have written one of the best business books of this decade in Waiting For Your Cat To Bark.

If you deal with customers, and you’ve noticed that they don’t react as they used to, you need to understand Persuasion Architecture TM.

If you haven’t yet noticed, you definitely need to understand Persuasion Architecture TM.