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Typically, people involved in business, especially in competitive industries, think what they do is fascinating. To people outside the industry, they aren’t.

So, when you fill your customer newsletter with riveting content which involves your new line of adhesive tape which is now 13/100 of an inch wider, or that your bookkeeper has a new grandchild, you’re signaling to potential customers that you don’t care about them. I assure you, they will return the attitude.

If your newsletter is considered marketing for your company, then let’s look at how to make it more effective.


How to Write a Winning Client Newsletter

The Customer Must Always be Your Focus
My clients don’t care about my internal operation. Your clients don’t either. But they always care about themselves and things which affect their lives.

Write About Things People Will Actually Use to Improve Their Lives
Interestingly, your topics don’t have to be related to your business. Send information about inexpensive insulating tips, chili recipes, or even houseplants that thrive in your climate. Conduct contests. Give small prizes away “just because.” Project friendly and fun.

That doesn’t mean don’t write about what you do, just recognize that there’s a limit to the number of times you can show how to save money with your product. (That limit is once, provided it was interesting the first time. If not, the limit is zero.)

Publish Consistently
How often do you want your customers to think about you? Monthly is good. So is bi-monthly or quarterly. Don’t stretch it out to more than three months at a time, though, or people will forget and your latest mailing will be just another piece of “junk mail.” Pick a schedule, and then stick to it.

If you tell people to expect your newsletter every month, skipping a month makes you appear to be less reliable. Keep your promises, even the little ones.

Market With Your Newsletter
Publicly thank your customers for specific referrals. Print your more compelling testimonials. And always have a compelling offer in every issue. Done correctly this isn’t just a “feel good” piece you’re putting out… it’s also a low pressure sales tool.

Newsletters Work Best Long Term

Customer relations is a process. It will take several issues for customers to just get in the habit of reading your newsletter.

It will take longer for it to prompt referrals or sales.

But when you present your company with professionalism, do so reliably, and talk today about what people are talking about today, you’ll find customers look forward to receiving anything you send them.

And that’s the bait your competitors simply can’t buy when you’re fishing for customers.

Your Guide,
Chuck McKay

Marketing consultant Chuck McKayYour Fishing for Customers guide, Chuck McKay, gets people to buy more of what you sell.

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