The Book of Advertising Tests

The Book of Advertising Tests

Modern advertising could be said to have started with the concepts in this book: "Salesmanship in Print," and "Reason Why Advertising." They are each the brainchild of John E. Kennedy.
The Book of Advertising Tests

Lord & Thomas "Book of Advertising Tests"

Former Canadian policeman John E. Kennedy not only created modern advertising (“salesmanship in print” and “reason why advertising”), he taught it to the copywriters of Chicago’s Lord & Thomas agency. At that time, he was the highest paid copywriter in all of advertising – a record he held until his pupil, Claude Hopkins, started earning more.

The Book of Advertising Tests is a collection of articles Kennedy wrote for the Lord & Thomas “house organ,” Judicious Advertising. Though it was published in 1926, the key points are timeless, and equally valid today.

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